The spirit of the Dub compels you.
When you think of Dubstep, you probably think of the Skrillex era dubstep. But the history of it all is so much more rich than the god-awful ear piercing sounds and unnecessary collaborations that ruined what we now associate the sound with. No my friends; Dubstep was born in tight basements where the deep rumble of bass permeated through your body and connected you to a spiritually connected resonance. 
That’s the feeling you get when the Tsunami Bass system gets going at the Brown Note in Brooklyn, NY. The bass fills your body and the soothing vibration engulfs you from head to toe. Dubstep, along with; Drum and Bass, Garage and Breakbeat all mix together for an eclectic local experience. The team at Echo 5 Media put together a new event called The Oasis Project, featuring the likes of Ray Berry, JBRWN, Howler and Neilien. This is where the wobble and bass sounds are done right.
When the Tsunami Bass hits
Shout out the professional festival dancers Amaris and Cami
Special shout out to Raymund and Mike Rem for plugging me into The Oasis Project. 
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