Alessandro |Fresco| Cerdas
Owner and Photographer at Fresco Arts Team
Alessandro Cerdas (aka Joey Fresco) is a portrait and event photographer, specializing in single subject photography with a style that explores the tender side of dark and moody. He sees a world with dull people, living dull lives. A theme of self-reflection permeates through Fresco’s work, that seeks to deconstruct this bland world and fill it with life. He lives for the thrill of the chase; the next best shot; and showing his audience that this world can be so much more fun. It's time to wake up!
Based in Morristown, NJ, Fresco and the Fresco Arts Team are ready to create reflective pieces that are perfect for portraits, events and editorial. 
Photo by Jeff Tisman Photography
Rowing Blazers Grand Re-Opening for Vogue May 1st, 2019