Do you remember being little and drawing pictures of your life? You know the kind; the pictures where the sky was scribbled blue and the sun shone a bright yellow. Yes that kind! Today was one of those pictures. I was invited by Jenna and Amelia to go on a picnic at Prospect Park in Brooklyn and I remember thinking, “A picnic? Like, with baskets and blankets?” It’s 2019 and we’re supposed to be glued to our phones, not preparing peebee & jays. Cynical, I know, but curiosity got the better of me, as is typical, and I said, “Yes!” 
|Jenna loves her food|
Today was more than just a meal with friends. It was an open invitation to be you and loved for exactly that.
Video by the wonderfully talented and charming Amelia Frances!  Thank you for sharing. <3
Between bread stick sword fights and cartwheel bonanzas, I hardly realized I was even getting sunburnt. Time just seemed to fly by and stop all at once. It was a moment of healing and rejuvenation; a love letter from life that read: ​​​​​​​
Dear Child,
Let go, be open and soak up the sun. I’m meant to be lived. And no matter how things go, you can always have a picnic.
Sincerely yours,
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