Dude! The long-awaited Sperry x Rowing Blazers collab has finally arrived! Yesterday, we celebrated the launch of what may be the waviest drop in a long time. Take what you love about Rowing Blazers and inject it into Sperry Cloud series and you have a rebellious, yet still quirky take on the boat shoe.  
Pairs of shoes were flying off the shelves at this event. I even checked online and a lot of the shoes in my size, 10, were gone just as quickly as they arrived. *Sad face* Fingers crossed that they'll restock the signature RB “Croquette Stripe” in my size!  

But don’t be sad. Look at all these happy people! :D  
The vibe was free and so were the beverages. Monkey tonic cocktails were served courtesy of Monkey 47. Narragansett brought the beer.
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