The holiday season always invites an opportunity to reflect and appreciate. As I go through these photos taken at the Rowing Blazers’ holiday party, I realize there is one very special word that comes to mind, “Community”.
            This event is the 9th in a series of joyous and exciting events that encapsulate what it means to be a community. With unique individuals ranging from preppie, urban, and even, goth; there is no limit to who will find their way into the Rowing Blazers Clubhouse. Everyone is welcome to have a beer or glass of wine and enjoy the company of a truly open and positive group of creatives. In fact, this event showcased artists belonging to the Rowing Blazers team. Alexander Howard gave a #Swoonworthy performance that involved going from guitar and piano, all the while keeping in tune with his self-written songs, as well as a couple holiday jingles. Marques Martin followed with a gripping hip-hop performance that electrified the audience with his lyrics and energy. Seriously, it was like watching “Back-in-the-Day” Kanye. And ultimately ending in vibey DJing by Samuel Hardeman.
            The belief in “Community” is engrained in the DNA of Rowing Blazers, and while going through these photos, I couldn't help but smile. I’m looking forward to what 2019 holds in store for us all. [see what I did there? " store" Uh, whatever!] Happy Holidays and to all a good night!

Rowing Blazers is located at
161 Grand St, New York, NY 10013

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