Starting from humble beginnings, the Rowing Blazers flagship store was only ever intended to be a 3-month long pop-up shop. Month after month, their loyal base was treated to monthly collaborations, features and events; leading to the day when a decision needed to be made. Jack Carlson, owner and cofounder of Rowing Blazers, decided to reopen the Rowing Blazers flagship store as a long-term brick and mortar.  
May 2nd, 2019 marks the official opening of Rowing Blazers. Let’s have a look inside.
While you scrolled through, you may have noticed some familiar names sharing the space with Rowing Blazers, like: Bowery Football Club, Edith W Young, Sugarloaf Social Club, Jessica Biales and Dylan James Decker, as well as newcomers like Sperry Cloud. Rowing Blazers' emphasis on building a closely-knit community of like-minded preppies and rebels alike is their secret-sauce. If you don’t believe me check out my coverage of the event below.
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A special thanks to Rafaella Fontes for keeping our whistles wet.
See what I mean? It’s all love at the clubhouse. So let’s raise our glasses to the Rowing Blazers family! May they continue to grow, prosper and share their love of the culture for many years to come!
The excitement doesn't end there. Photos from my blog are featured on 
Have a look for yourself!

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