The first time I heard of Newburgh Illuminated, I was visiting my friend Amal, the owner of both; Cream Boutique and Cream Vintage & Consignment. You may remember her booth was featured in my coverage of Manhattan Vintage. 
So naturally, she was my first stop.
In typical Amal fashion, she escorted me around introducing me to all of her favorite NB vendors. It's this kind of energy that really makes the entire vibe of Newburgh Illuminated. Residents, vendors and local acts come out to celebrate their love of Newburgh.
And as quickly as the love came, so too did the storm. The street filled with the rumble of motorcycles and the sweet scent of gasoline.
Newburgh is filled with so much love for community. I'm overwhelmed by how amazing everyone is. Next up, delightful dancers grace the Ritz Dance Stage at Safe Harbors Green Park.
These kids lit up the ring. I spoke with one of the young boxers, Diego, and I discovered he was so full of passion and positivity. But once he hit the ring, he became a contender. It's the kind of thing you can see in their eyes when the flip switches. It really was interesting to observe he transformation. Look at the pictures again and see if you notice it.
When you're ready, let's continue on and see what else there is to explore before Pardi's performance. More below!
After walking around, it was time to head to the main stage for Pardison Fontaine. The acrobats of Hudson Valley Circus Arts were performing an entrancing routine and the opening acts were getting the crowd fired up.
Pardison Fontaine took both the stage and... a go-kart? Pardi like a rockstar! 
As a surprise gesture, Pardi then invited up guests from the crowd for a dance competition. It was Pardi time.
As Pardi performed the Circus vibes raged on. The Full Circle Fire Show dazzled the crowd with a spectacle of dancing flames.
Decora was up next and he kept it cool with fire bars. The funky rock vibes of The Funk Junkies followed and ending the evening was the sweet soulful serenity of Tamy. Don't mind my friends in the crowd having a great time. You didn't hear this from me, but there's a video circulating the internet of me bussin down in the crowd.  I guess it's a great time when the photographer jumps in too.
 So what are your plans for June 2020? :D
This has been Newburgh Illuminated
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