Harambee!    Harambee!    Harambee!     Harambee!    Harambee!    Harambee!    HarambeeEEEE!
We chant this call to action 7 times on the 7 days of Kwanzaa. Directly translated to “All pull together”, “Harambee” was the foundation-shaking chant heard coming from The Black Lady Theatre in Brooklyn, NY. Hundreds of people, organized into teams, arrived at the theatre to celebrate Kwanzaa with Kwanzaa Crawl 2019. This was an event geared towards supporting black-owned businesses; a physical manifestation of Harambee.
The Black Lady Theatre
Team Leaders
Filling Up
Kerry Coddett & Krystal Stark Interview
Co-Founders Kerry Coddett & Krystal Stark
As Sakina Rice lit the candles, Marlon Rice imparted his knowledge of the 7 days of Kwanzaa sharing that each day of Kwanzaa, which begin on the 26th of December, is an opportunity for communal reflection on the 7 principles of Nguzo Saba. This was followed by a spiritually affirming a cappella performance by The Voice Box.
Marlon & Sakina Rice Lighting Candles
Audience in Full Cheer
Who Know's What Harambee Means?
I Do, We Do, I Do
The Sisters Do
The Music Box
Audiences Spirits Being Uplifted
With our souls filled and our energies aligned, we exited the theatre and Kwanzaa Crawl began! A bevy of black-owned bars and restaurants hosted the teams of Kwanzaa Crawl, including; Savvy Bistro, Negril BK, BK9, 33 Lafayette, and Mo’s Bar & Lounge. But most importantly, we celebrated being proud and black in the open, for all to witness. In our solidarity, we have no reason to let fear hold us. When we all pull together, we are the champions of our own destiny. We celebrate.
The Black Lady Theatre Bursting Out The Seams
Kwanzaa in the Streets
Team Leaders Shout
The Sisters Leading the Way
Center of the Party
Black By Popular Demand
Shaking It for a Cause
Painting the Streets Black
Beautiful Colors
Good Time Salute
Beautiful Outfits, Beautiful People
Even the Caterers Dancing
One Love, One People
DJ Fortunes & Goodwill
1 Luv
Team 17
Gentlemen, Scholars and Judges of Good Taste
Larger Than Life
Furahia Mlo Wako
Party On
Nom Nom Nom
Pour Me Another One Sir
Go Fresco! Go Fresco!
The Livest One
We Out Here
With a Speaker
You Had To Be There
Kwanzaa Crawl was created by sisters Kerry Coddett & Krystal Stark
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