BMAJR kept the beat going
Welcome to the Culture Collective; a celebration of contemporary and inclusive art and artists. In order to truly understand what the Culture Collective is, one must take a moment to revisit the definition of culture. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition, defines culture as, “The arts, beliefs, customs, institutions, and other products of human work and thought considered as a unit, especially with regard to a particular time or social group”. This paired with the term collective, sufficiently emphasizes that the Culture Collective is about unifying the community at large by showcasing the very personal experiences of the artists and minds that live within it. By exploring these unique perspectives, we are given an opportunity to see the greater landscape of humanity as a whole. As Stanley Victor Paskavich said, “We're all pieces of the same ever-changing puzzle...”
In association with Newark Arts Festival, coming fall 2019, and sponsored by Hennessy, the Culture Collective was an invitation for artists, influencers and pioneers to share space, dinner and cocktails while recognizing their peers efforts to promote social justice and progress. Newark artists: Gera Lozano, Josephine Barreiro, and Bisa Washington were recognized with specially engraved bottles given by Hennessy as part of their ongoing commitment to the community of arts. The event took place at ODR Studios in Newark, NJ, with dinner prepared by Chef Kiki Holmer and sounds by DJ BMajr.
Chef Kiki Palmer
Catering by Two Birds And A Stone
I was honored to be invited by Ericka Regine at Daupeaire and Newark Arts to document this exceptional event. You’ve seen the space and you’ve seen some of the culinary delights offered at the Culture Collection 2019. Now enjoy the experience.
Keyaira Boone, Jeff Billingsley, Adrienne Wheeler
Fayemi Shakur, Jeremy Johnson
Lenny Correa
Melody Shakur, Naeema Campbell
Melody Asherman
Akbar Cook
Ariene Wheeler, Lauren Craig, Jeff Billingsley, Lisa Love
Linda Harrison
Caricaturist and Kern Bruce
BMAJR, Dane Young
Gera Lozano, Sindy Snchez, Ole Lie Vandal, Lenny Correa
Christene Carr, Natasha Rogers, Ericka Regine, Marco Hall, Linda Harrison, Adrienne Wheeler, Marcy Depina, Kitab Rollins
Caricaturist and Kern Bruce
Alex Hodgkinson, Kitab Rollins
Hosts Valeria Lora & Lauren Craig
Gera Lozano, Public Experience Artist
Hosts Valeria Lora & Lauren Craig
Bisa Washington
Executive Director of Newark Arts Festival, Jeremy Johnson
Fayemi Shakur, Steven Barboza, Michael Cruz
Lenny Correa, Ericka Regine, Marco Hall, Zunyda
Ole lie Vandal, Jeff Billingsley, Natasha Rogers, Valerie Lora, Lauren Craig, Jeremy Johnson, Lisa Love
Natasha Rogers, Ladun Thompson
Melody Asherman, Natasha Rogers, Lauren Craig, Kitab Rollins, Christine Carr
Ladun Thompson and guest, Keyaia Boone, Erick Regine
Leron Less, Zunyda, Henny Harmon
Ladun Thompson, Leron Lee, Jeff Billingsley
Jessica Burns, Taieta El-Amin
Josie Barreiro
Josie Barriero, Michel Cruz
Valerie Lora, Grizelle Del Valle
Valerie Lora, Keyaira Boone
Hennessy Team
Sindy Snchez
Sindy Snchez
Kitab Rollins
Daniel Mcmillian
Regina Barboza, Steven Barboza
Dane Young, Daniel Lee-Hue
Jeff Billingsley
Event design by Talia
I hope you enjoyed. Now before you go, I wanted to take a more to recognize a few other individuals in attendance. Fashion Designer Melody Asherman, Kern Bruce, Lenny Correa, Principal Akbar Cook, HBO Filmmaker Leron Lee, Chef Ameer Natson, Producer Ladun Thompson. There are so many names to mention so to all of our guests...
Thank you!!!​​​​​​​
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