I was invited to photograph the Autism Speaks Walk, hosted by Alpha Xi Delta, by a very close friend of mine, Yomi Karade of (I)ndividualized (F)itness (P)rogram with Yomi. What’s so special about this event, beyond the obvious, is that I have a background in mental health care and it’s always been a desire of mine to cross my education with my journey in photography. So when I got the invitation it was swift, “Yes!”
Now when I tell you I had no idea what I was walking into, I literally could not have imagined a space so large, filled with so much love and comradery. The community that came out to show love and support was by far the most welcoming group I had ever met. There was a weightlessness in the air; smiles everywhere I looked and a baseline positive energy. I always say, “It’s the energy I capture”. Everything physical comes second and I was surrounded by beauty in both realms. I really have to give it up to Alpha Xi Delta for putting on such a wonder event.
There was singing and dancing, martial arts, and Zumba, provided by Yomi of course. New York Red Bulls were there with an amazing space for football (soccer in America XD). Lulu y Lala of 103.5 KTU (my personal favorite radio station), were not only there, but participating in everything alongside the kids. And I mean everything. Like, I saw them both karate-chop a wooden board. #Impressed
“Fun”, doesn’t even begin to describe the time I had. The energy was electric. People were cheering and dancing. I mean everyone was following Yomi’s lead on stage for her Zumba class, a part of her “IFP”. The crowd was going nuts, and everyone was in high spirits.
It’s events like these that shape shed light on a community some of us seldom consider. There is so much life and love that we all have an opportunity to share. So, if you would consider, reach out to Alpha Xi Delta and see how you can help spread awareness. Can’t wait for the next year!
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