I've been saying this a lot lately, I love to shoot brands with a message and purpose behind them. Arthur Ashe celebrates the legacy of the Icon, the Activist, and the Champion, Arthur Ashe. 
Welcome to the Official Arthur Ashe Launch Party!
The moment the doors to Arthur Ashe opened, the energy was through the roof; matching the excitement of the U.S. Open. Guests poured in, checking out the all-new collection, and trying pieces on. Others thumbed through the books and memorabilia, learning what they could about the late great, Arthur Ashe.
The crowd at Arthur Ashe was so large, that we had to take the block over too. 
Doing justice to the legacy of such a pivotal figure, not only in the world of professional sports but in the world itself is no simple task. I'd like to salute the Arthur Ashe team for working tirelessly to expand the legacy and messaging to an even broader audience, further solidifying Arthur Ashe as a pioneer, champion, and icon.  
The shop is now open at 2 Rivington St. NYC
(expires January 1st, 2023)
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